Tel Aviv, Israel, november 16th 2017: Tarot Culture International Convention

Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies


תל אביב

4th International Assembly

Tarot Culture” in Israel

Tarot: history, philosophy, language, psyche, mind

Thursday, November 16th, 2017

Neve Schechter

Aharon Chelouche, 42 Third Street, angolo di Eilat, 57, di Neve Tzedek, TEL AVIV

נווה שכטר

אהרון שלוש,רחוב שלוש 42, פינת אילת 57, נווה צדק, תל אביב

INFO: +972 3-517-0358

Tarot as a phylosophical system and an universal instrument of knowledge. History, phylosophy, psychology, thinking, interaction with the universe; various schools of Tarot: italian, russian; Tarot and Kabbalah, the corrispondence of 22 Arcana Tarot to the letters of the hebrew alphabet; The art of divination, meditation, psycotherapy, modeling of the future.


h 10.00-10.20: “Welcome”, Elena Anopova, “Avvalon” Publishing house, Ilan Levi, “Prague” Publishing house, Mario Pignatello, “Lo Scarabeo” Publishing house

h 10.20 -11.00: Zeev Ben-Arye, Israel, teacher and author, researcher of religion: “History of the Tarot”

h 11.00-11.40: Larisa Davydova, Israel-Russia, 20 years of practice and conducts Tarot: “Talking with Rider-Waite Tarot. How the Tarot speaks to our soul. The symbolism of the Tarot of Waite

  • h 11.40-12.30: Giovanni Pelosini, Italy, world-class writer, biology professor, researcher and teacher of the Tarot, correspondent of the International Tarot Museum: “Destiny, luck, chance, Karma: is destiny predetermined, can we change it?

h 12.40-13.00: Break

h 13.00-13.40: Natalija Dejur, Russia-Russia, Tarot therapy and couching: “Tarot-prediction of the future or its modeling?

h 13.40-14.20: Maya Rabinovich, Israel: “Aleister Crowley’s Tarot. Myths and reality

h 14.20-15.00: Elsa Khapatnyukovskaya, Russia: “Tarot of Manara. Business and sex

h 15.00-15.40: Hava, psychotherapy, teacher of Tarot, Israel: “Tarot of Waite is the opening of the soul. Use in psychotherapy

h 15.40-16.00: Presentation of teachers who will be in seminars after lunch

h 16.00-17.00: Lunch

h 17.30-19.30: Seminars

1. Polina Sagarda, Letters of the Hebrew alphabet and 22 Arcana Tarot

2. Anasita Carmelitski, Magic in the Tarot

3. Masha Mashkov, Tarot of Manara and Tarot Decameron, the relationship in a partnership

4. Natalija Dejur, The game “Tree of Life” with Italians and Tarologues

Damanur – all day in a separate room

h 19.30-20.00 closing of the Assembly, competitions

Friday, November 17th

Seminars from 9.00 to 14.30

  • Giovanni Pelosini, Tarot, Mirror of Infinity
  • Elsa Khapatnyukovskaya, Tarot Manara. Partnership. Business and sex
  • Maya Rabinovich, Damanur


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